High-covering wall paint is worth it: paint it once and good!

Buying colors often entices the low-priced offers on the shelves, but shopping as cheaply as possible does not always mean that you really have to save money. High-coverage wall paints often only have to be painted once, so that the material consumption is much lower. So you recognize the best color for your purposes - with the highest savings potential!

How to find out which wall paint best covers Geb The container of the wall paint is usually extensively labeled, on the bucket are not only contents and instructions for use, but also the associated opacity class.

There are 4 different opacity classes: If you can not find them on the bucket, then ask your specialist adviser. Because this information is next to the price of the most important decision criteria. Here is an overview of the 4 classes:


High-coverage wall paint2
Well-covering wall paint3
Moderately opaque wall paint4
Poorly covering wall paintOpacity class 1 is recommended as a high-opaque wall paint, especially if you want to delete dark or high contrast backgrounds. For bright surfaces without contrasts class 2 is sufficient as well.

Also pay attention to the test results!

The fact that the manufacturer's information does not always agree with the actual color properties is a truism. That's why it pays off to pay extra attention to the test results of the Stiftung Warentest, especially if you buy more extensively.

Wall paints that are rated "very good" in terms of opacity are considered high opacity, and best of all, they do not necessarily have to be the most expensive! Normally they are not really cheap.

Brand colors are often sold under a different name and turn out to be as sustainable as the original for less money: private labels of the various hardware stores are often in this category.

Tips & TricksHigh-coverage wall paints should normally be painted only in one coat, as a second coat may cause streaks. If in doubt, it pays to try this on a hidden sample area!

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